Zephyris / Zefiris

Source: Scrapped Princess

Completed: 2004

Awards: Attention to Detail at Kosaikon Fall AniFest 2004

This was one of my first "true" cosplays. I had made costumes in the past but this is where it really started to interest me. And this particular cosplay debuted at Otakon 2004.

I made Zefiris (or Zephyris depending on the source) for Otakon 2004. It was at that time that I was absolutely in love with the show Scrapped Princess, and I really liked Zefiris. 

The armor was made using craft foam and styrene sheeting (Amethyst Angel's technique) covered with fabric that matched the cuffs of the outfit. The shoulder parts where held to the neck piece with elastic, for some flexibility, and closed shut in the back with a patch of velcro. This was my first attempt at anything like this and I really liked how it turned out. Big armor was the aesthetic in Scrapped Princess.

Giant bow of DOOM was made by by covering wire hangers with fabric and tying them together in the middle. I hand sewed plastic combs onto it and a clip to hold it onto the wig. Found out quickly that the bow - so not aerodynamic - as the moment I stepped out of the hotel the wind knocked it off my head and required a quick patch job back in the hotel room.


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