Shiina Tamai

Source: Mukuro Naru Hoshi Tama Taru Ko (Narutaru, Shadow Star)

Completed: 2004

One of the "hey I should put this together the day before the con outfits." At the time, I was fascinated by the dark nature of Narutaru, otherwise known as Shadow Star Narutaru in the US. At first glance, one would probably think that the anime was reminiscent of Pokemon. However, as the series progresses, things and people get a lot more disturbing and violent. Which you'd probably never suspect considering the happy opening credits. It's awesome.

This cosplay is pretty low key and simple considering it's dug out of my closet last minute, and not even sure why I'd devote a whole page to this, but the "dragon child" of Shiina, Hoshimaru, is really cute. He's a flying surfboard, backpack, and quiet companion. Hoshimaru was put together from soft fleece, felt, and stuffed with fiberfill. I also gave him backpack straps as he is a lot more portable that way. Not that I don't like holding him because he is so cuddly. My nieces love playing with him.

Other than Hoshimaru, the rest of the outfit is just stuff I grabbed out of my closet and I put my hair in pigtails. Simple for waiting in line at Otakon 2004 considering it was like 90 degrees and quite sunny out. I think I also got some mild sunburn. Now I know better to not wait in line all day at Otakon for pre-reg pickup.


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