Vanellope Von Schweetz

Source: Wreck-it-Ralph

Completed: 2013

Version: Racer

I am absolutely in love with the movie Wreck-it-Ralph. All the hidden video game references! And I just love the characters themselves. So obviously I had to do Vanellope! Everybody loves a winner! Racer Vanellope is one of my comfy to wear to anything cosplays, so many times you will see my just using my regular hair instead of a wig.

The tights were painted by hand. This was accomplished by pulling the tights over large poster mailing tubes and using painters tape to mark my paint sections. Both the hoodie and the laces were custom dyed with teal and fuschia Rit Dyes, they both started out white. The skirt was a bottom weight fabric that I pleated in two layers. The pieces of candy in the hair were made from some real candies such as the gummy bears and mints. They were coated in multiple layers of lacquer to preserve them. The other small pieces of candy were sculpted from fimo clay. The heavier pieces are attached to bobby pins and the small lightweight pieces are attached to the hair using the hard side of velcro. The licorice ribbon was made from two pieces of cotton piping filler cord (can be found in curtain sections) that were glued together twisting around a piece of metal wire. The metal wire inside allowed me to bend the ribbon to keep its shape. After the glue dried, the ribbon was coated in red Plasti Dip. Plasti dip comes in a can for dipping or a spray. I used the can and dipped what I could and used a disposable paint brush to reach the areas I could not dip and then coated it in a layer of spray.


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