Source: BlazBlue

Completed: 2009

Version: Black Alt Version

This is probably as close to being a "catgirl" as I will ever come. LOL

After playing the game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Taokaka was my favorite to play. In fighting games, I tend to always choose the fast moving characters over the more powerful ones. It seems to work better with my button mashing instinct. So, naturally, when it came that I was attending a video gaming convention, cosplaying Taokaka jumped right to the forefront. Out of the color schemes that are available, I loved the black and orange. It was also close to Halloween so I might have also been in a festive mood.

For this cosplay, I didn't really use any patterns. I mostly estimated the shapes that I would be using by slinging it over my dressform. The costume is made from fleece. Details and ears are made from felt, and the tail made from fuzzy felt that I had lying around. Taokaka's paws and ears were formed from urethane foam sheeting which I cut and shaped then squeezed into the parts I had sewn. So they are hollow, light-weight, and have some give for when I pack this costume away or when I travel with it. 

The current braids were created from 4 sets of extension hair, and I have at least 2 more to add. (I bought the store out of all their blonde extensions!) The braids themselves are not attached to the costume, but are actually slung around my neck. The braids are just too heavy to be supported by the costume itself.

Probably the most complicated part of the outfit was making her face, especially her eyes. The eyes are lit by blue 10mm diffused LED bulbs connected to watch batteries. The round parts of the eyes are hot glue drops. So they do glow, though, it is not as obvious in broad daylight. At night and dimly lit areas it looks pretty cool! Mouth is just craft foam stuck on by velcro, meaning I can change faces on a whim. I actually created several different mouths so can change moods at will. All this is mounted on a mask created with Wonderflex and covered in spandex.

First debuted at GameX (2009), and also worn at AnimeNEXT (2010).

Photo Credits: Judith Stephens


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