Source: Kiba

Completed: 2007

Usually when people ask me about my Zed outfit, I'm like "it's from an anime called Kiba." And once the work "Kiba" comes up they are usually confused and say they don't recall my character in the Naruto series. And I have to go on and explain that the anime Kiba was based on a Japanese card game and has no relation to the Naruto series. Cosplay first debuted at AnimeUSA 2007.

Essentially, Zed's jacket is a long jacket which is longer in the front than the back, and also only has one sleeve. Under that is a hooded vest, and a sleeveless yellow shirt. The jacket was pretty straightforward with buttons sewn on as well as the arm straps. Same with everything else. This was a rather basic outfit. Since the shirt was a modified t-shirt. Most of the outfit was just stuff modified from the closet.

The belt buckle and feathers medallion was made from Sculpey and I gave the feathers a touch of black on the tips. The wig, which was recycled from my original Allen Walker wig, was chunk cut and spiked with Got2b Glued hairspray. Boots borrowed from Setaginny because my combat boots were AWOL. 

Photo Credits: Eurobeat King

Featured Cosplayers: Yesod as Amil Gaoul, Oshi as Noa


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