Toshirou Hitsugaya

Source: Bleach

Completed: 2006

Toshirou Hitsugaya, 10th Division Captain of the Gotei 13. He's pretty badass. And maybe it's my penchant for white haired characters, but once I saw him, I knew I had to cosplay him. He debuted at Katsucon 2006.

The wig was created from a long white wig. The length of the wig was cut up and made into wefts which were sewn into the wig between each of the regular lines of wefts so the wig is super thick and you can't see through it. So when you spike it, it doesn't show threw to my head. The outfit was made from a traditional hakama pattern I got from Round-Earth Publishing. It's not the easiest pattern to understand, but is the most authentic pattern you'll find. I recommend practicing with it before using it on your actual cosplay. 

Tip: When setting pleats, iron the length of the pleat and do not move the fabric until the fabric has completely cooled. This will help set your pleats.

The top was two layers made from a gi pattern. Again, from Round-Earth Publishing. The only difference was I reversed the sleeves so the small end attached to the shoulders. And I finished the bottom of the black gi sleeve so that I could put the open slits in the underarm. Yes, I know that the tops are traditionally not a gi but a kimono, but for the look, it worked.

The Captain's jacket I styled after a haori and added a slit in the back. I painted the emblems on the jacket with fabric paint. After the designs were dry, I lined it with the green and finished the ends.

The waraji (sandals) were created from hemp and created based on the traditional method of weaving the straw. And the brooch was made from sculpey.

The sword was carved from a inch thick pine board using various wood shaping tools and a sander. I then spraypainted the blade with a metallic silver finish and the handle with acrylic paint. For the handle wrapping I looked up how to and came across this informative piece on "The Art of Tsukamaki" by Thomas L. Buck. The hilt was made from layers of craft foam and styrene sheeting, coated in school glue, and then painted with gold acrylic paint. The sheath was made from wonderflex wrapped around the blade, to get the right shape, and then covered with vinyl.


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