Seth Nightlord

Source: Trinity Blood

Completed: 2006

Variant: Tea Seller outfit from the manga

Awards: Tora-con 2006 - Best Walk-on Group

This outfit was first worn at Tora-con 2006. I was part of a Trinity Blood cosplay group. Although I had started on my Empress Seth outfit, that gown would not be done in time for the convention. So I picked out a simpler outfit from the manga which I was reading and went with the Tea-Seller outfit.

There weren't any color reference photos so I went with the colors I saw in the anime. The anime was what got me into the series originally. And I went with red for the base color and the trim was done in a pale yellow. I used Simplicity pattern #5189 as a base, shortening and flaring the bottom and creating long sleeves. Finished all the edges with a white cording, and cut out and finished an apron just a bit smaller than the front panel of the dress. Created a simple petticoat with some eyelet trim and the last part was a matching headband.

The tea pot was a simple plastic pitcher and plastic shot glasses painted tan and everything glued together. The shoulder strap with made from wide black belt webbing and trimmed in narrow white bias tape. Loose socks and black shoes finished the look.

Photo Credits: Starla Meris Imaging


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