Cid Highwind

Source: Final Fantasy: Advent Children

Completed: 2005

Because I'm just so

Ok, so maybe this belongs in movies instead of video games, but since the movie is based on Final Fantasy VII, I'm putting it here.

This came to be known as my "chibi-Cid" outfit, since I'm shorter than most of the group it was pretty funny. Must admit that this is one of the more comfortable costumes I have. It was put together for a FF: Advent Children group with my friends at Ohayocon 2006.

Cid was mostly closet-play put together from various clothing articles I had. The dog tags and boots are mine from my time in the military. Everything else I had lying around. I know the wig isn't 100% accurate and neither are a lot of things, but this one was definitely just for fun. I spent a less than a day on the entire thing.

The spear I made from a piece of 1x2" piece of pine, some thick craft foam, styrene sheeting, some wooden dowels, various screws and bolts, and athletic tape. Essentially, I cut out the shapes I needed and glued and or screwed all the components together. Spray painted it with a distressed silver spray paint on the spear base and metallic silver on the blade, and then added athletic tape for the grips.

Photo Credits: Eurobeat King, Dehlia's Cosplay


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