Cosplay Dictionary: A helpful guide for finding the right lingo in the world of cosplay and costuming. This is a work in progress. Suggestions for terms to add to this dictionary are always welcome, please use the Contact Form for any submissions!  Last Modified: 08/23/2017

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1. noun: a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children.



1. noun: the art or practice of wearing costumes to portray characters from fiction, especially from manga, animation, and science fiction.
2. noun: a skit featuring these costumed characters.
3. verb (used with object): to portray (a fictional character) by dressing in costume. 
4. verb (used without object): to take part in cosplay.



1. Putting together an outfit that hints at being a Disney character by using similar color palettes and accessories. Since wearing a costume at Disney is not allowed for those over 14 years of age visiting the parks (except for certain events), it is a means of representing a character without wearing a costume.



1. A pose named after a cosplayer who used it in many photos taken of her. Consists of putting your hand up to your mouth like you might be whispering something to someone.




1. verb: To greg, gregging. To wear a wig without a wig cap or otherwise so poorly that your natural hair pokes out from under the wig.: "Did you see his wig? He's gregging so bad!"


1. verb: To glomp, glomping. A mix between a hug and a flying tackle.


Hall Cosplay

At some events, this refers to a craftsmanship competition whereas the participants are judged somewhat privately. They maybe required by some events to do a walk-on on stage, usually at the Masquerade, however, some do not require this. This type of competition does not require a performance aspect to it. At other events, Hall Cosplay refers to costumes that are worn throughout the venue. There may or may not be representatives handing out recognition badges for costumes or cosplay that catch their eye.



Judge's Award

At many conventions competitions, it is a non-placement type of award given to recognize outstanding work. A judge maybe able to give one or multiple awards. Some events may not give any judge's awards.




An event held at most fandom conventions that consists of a staged performance in order to show off costumes. They take the form of acted skits, monologues, comedic acts, dances, vocal and instrumental performances, and other performances. Rules for this event are different at every convention, though many base performance and judging criteria from the standards of the International Costumer's Guild.



In Japan it refers to a person who is obsessed with collecting items, anime, video games, and/or computers and rarely leaves their home. It is considered derogatory. Whereas, in the United States, many in the anime convention scene refer to anime fans as Otaku.



Peace Bonding

A form of prop checking at conventions where as an identifying attachment (usually a brightly colored zip tie) is put on the prop to show it has been deemed safe. Derived from earlier convention days where the prop was actually bound into a safe position to make it safe which at that time included metal swords and other authentic weaponry.




When a cosplayer continually enters competitions with the same costume, which has already won awards, in order to win more awards. Typically frowned upon as most competitions do not allow costumes that have already placed in similar competitions if they have not had any major alterations. 


When a "high level" cosplayer intentionally competes in a small competition in order to sweep the event.




A white, translucent thermoplastic that, once heated, will become malleable and will also stick to itself. To attain a smooth surface with this product, a coating will be necessary as Wonderflex contains a webbing that gives it strength, but also gives it a rough surface. 


A thermoplastic that, once heated, will become malleable and will also stick to itself. Comes in black, tan, and transparent. Has a smoother texture.

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