This is a quick craft project for those who like to collect the corks from their wine bottles.

Supplies Needed:

  • 8 inch glass craft block
  • Ribbon or tulle depending on preference
  • Decal

For this project, I used an 8 inch glass craft block which can be purchased from most craft stores. The ribbon, tulle, or lace of your choosing can also be purchased from craft stores. Lastly, the decal can be purchased from a craft store, but the one I chose came from Zach's Custom Vinyl on Etsy. It was the 6 inch size.

The glass craft blocks have an opening in the top, usually with a provided cover. Just remove that cover. Clean the surface of the block with rubbing alcohol. Add your desired decal, or if you are so inclined, you may even want to paint a design or wording onto your glass block. Just make sure that your opening is aligned on the top. Next, wrap your ribbon/tulle/lace around the glass block and tie a bow or fluff or create a look that you like. This gives the block a little flare and also helps cover the top hole. Now add your corks! Real simple and quick project for those who enjoy the wine and collecting the corks.


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