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White Queen Mirana

Source: Disney's Alice in Wonderland

I am a huge fan of pretty dresses and apparently I like to torture myself trying to make things that are completely white. Inevitably, I will end up being poked by a pin and draw blood, especially when working with white fabric.

There were a lot of different skills that went into the design of Mirana's the White Queen's dress. There is beadwork, threadpainting, and stenciling, to name a few. Hundreds of Swarovski gems were glued on individually throughout the bodice and sleeves. To get a luminescent effect, the satin stitching was done with a combination of opalescent thread and gold thread.

On the skirt, a stencil was created for various snowflakes patterns and stenciled on using metallic fabric paint. On the waist, there is a very unique beading that I hand strung to match the original design. The lace on the gown only ever seems to come in white, so all the gold lace was handpainted in gold metallic fabric paint. Any portion of the gown where you see a fuzzy textured trim, that was from fraying chiffon with a hairbrush. 

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