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 Allen Walker

Source: D.Gray-Man

My roommate had introduced me to the D.Gray-man manga and of course, had to cosplay from it. I really loved Allen Walker, and of course, chose him to cosplay. My other friends were cosplaying Linalee Lee, Komui Lee, Tyki Mikk, and Kanda Yu. Most of us debuted our D.Gray-man cosplays at Otakon 2007. 

Again, I brought out my favorite pattern to base the jacket off of, Simplicity 5386. The infamous "Matrix" pattern just tends to be a good base pattern for so many different things, I recommend everyone have one. To the pattern, I added a wrapping collar with hood, an additional shoulder flap, back band, and made an additional allowance for the front button panel. The base of the fabric is black bottomweight cotton twill and the white detailing is white pleatherette. 

The boots are riding boots, with a zipper sewn into pleatherette stripes to give the appearance the bottons zip up the front. I bought a dress shirt, and gray vest for his clothing underneath the Black Order jacket. 

The hand was created from a red cotton/spandex blend shaped from the outline of my own hand and arm. I sewed the gloved and then coated the glove in liquid latex that had been mixed with some red and black acrylic paint. The innocence and vein like designs on the hand were made from puffy paint to give the illusion of being raised. The red parts were also recoated in liquid latex. Press on nails were spraypainted black and glued onto the gloves, and the joints are made from plastic slats cut into the glove where the joints of my fingers are and then tipped with black puffy paint. 

Timcampy was made from a styrofoam ball, craft foam, Sculpey, and some network wiring. It was then attached to a clip so I could move it around and have it sit wherever I wanted. 

The eye was a custom design full scalera I ordered from 9mmsfx. They now seen to have made it a regular design available on their website. 

Many people ask about doing the scar. I use liquid collodian to give the scar impression. It is a special affect makeup that causes the skin to tighten and pucker giving the appearance of scarred skin. Put a layer or two of that on, then add some red makeup to the center to give it the bolder look of Allen's scar. 

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