Vanellope Von Schweetz

Source: Wreck-it-Ralph

Completed: 2014

Version: Princess

I have probably mentioned before but I am absolutely in love with the movie Wreck-it-Ralph. So when this outfit appeared, I was so excited. I love poofy things! I can't begin to tell you how much ironing went into this gown. All the layers of pleats! Pleats everywhere! Then there was the gradients of pink. That was accomplished by mixing different tones of white and pink Casa Matte Satins and Organza. So each of the skirt gradient sections was two pieces of fabric. What makes pleats tough is that you iron them and let them cool completely before moving them to help them set. Between the amount of iron heat and steam, it was almost like a sauna surrounding the ironing board. XD Vanellope is such a cute character and I just love her!

The wand was created from a candy cane decoration for the handle and I cast some light pink resin with a paper castle cut in the middle. For future reference, do not use soap molds to cast resin! Even with the non-stick resin coating. Sometimes you just learn things by doing and making mistakes, but move on.


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