Kurumu Kurono

Source: Rosario + Vampire

Completed: 2012

So a friend introduced me to another series with a vampire. I chose the succubus Kurumu Kurono. She's adorable! We actually had a whole Rosario Vampire group for Otakon 2012. This is just a fun and easy to wear costume and people even recognize the character at small events. The vest was purchased as I happened to notice a yellow vest in the store one day. The skirt was made from a plaid cotton and lined, for both mine and Mizore Shirayuki (cosplayer: Chai Panda). Let me tell you that pleating is the most tedious thing. Measuring each pleat, then ironing, and letting it completely cool before moving to help it set. Ginei Morioka (cosplayer: Yesod) Tsukune Aona.


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