It's ok to take a break from cosplay!

There are always things we love to do, and I know a lot of us live for cosplay and the creation aspect of making all the things.  I just want you to know, that yes, it's ok to take a break! Take care of your priorities!

Believe me, the itch to launch into a project or finish one that I have started earlier is always present, but right now, I just need to keep up on my school work. Working full-time and attending university full time pretty much is my life. So I literally haven’t done anything in a while (like 2 years) since I’ve devoted my time to my studies. I think I’ve only minimally worked on a few things during breaks. The lack of social media posts, tutorials, and costume photos is evidence of that. But I want to say to others, cause I’ve had to repeat it to myself, is that it is ok to step away from cosplay and even conventions for a little while.

I think sometimes people in the community think they need to keep up appearances at conventions in a new cosplay, or multiple new cosplays, at every event. It’s great if you can, but you shouldn’t have others’ expectations get in your way of doing other things or things you NEED to do. Conventions and cosplay feel like an addiction, once you start, it’s hard to stop.

If you need to take time away to save up money for a car or maybe a house, or take care of yourself for whatever reason, or if you have a creative block, or are just bored -- take time away and do what you need! DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO KEEP UP WITH THE CON/COSPLAY CRUNCH!  It’s not going away any time soon, it will be there when you are ready to get back to it! You do not need anyone’s approval.  You do you!

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