Welcome to the relaunch of GamerGirlX.com. I have been neglecting the upkeep of my website for quite a while now because things, namely life, have been so hectic. With this new format, updating costumes/cosplays and blogging should be made much easier and, therefore, less time consuming. I still have some work to do, but the majority of the site is functional!

This website GamerGirlX.com is a journal of the things I have made and am working on. It is a place to share techniques and tips that work for me, and may work for others as well. When it comes to costuming, I really believe in an open forum and sharing knowledge. I love sharing the work I have done and how I do it. If you would like to join along when I am working on projects, I am now streaming on Twitch as Gamer_GirlX. Though, streaming will probably be limited to Saturday mornings because classes start back up this week for the spring semester and my nose will be back in the books and most of my free time will be spent studying. My current major is nursing if that gives you an idea of how busy my studies are.

A little about me: I have been sewing costumes since I was a child, though, I have been into cosplay since 2004 when I attended my first anime convention, Otakon. Since then, I have been addicted to making cosplays and costumes, and I recreate outfits from my favorite anime, movies, books, and art, and also design some of my own creations. I have no formal training in sewing or design, but I learned sewing from my Mother growing up, and I learn as I go using a lot of trial and error and seam rippers. I also learn from other cosplayers, crafters, artisans, and what I research online. I attend various events and conventions, where I have been an attendee, staff, volunteer, guest, judge, and sometimes sell my crafts as an artist. My cosplays have earned a few awards over the years, but mostly, I just cosplay for fun. As should you! Cosplay Photography is also something I have been dabbling in, and I am working to improve my skills.

You can also follow my adventures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart,YouTube, my photo galleries on Flickr, and my shop on Etsy.

So welcome to my creative journey, hope you will join along!

-GamerGirlX <3


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