Thoughts on the Covid pandemic from a gamer, cosplayer, and nurse.

In the early winter of 2019, we had just been hearing about a new virus spreading throughout the world. It was SARS-CoV-2. There had not been anything like this since the Spanish Flu of 1918 which killed 20-50 million worldwide. 

PVC Cutter

If you use PVC pipes for props like staffs or sword bases, or costume structure support, or any other reason, a pvc cutter can really help you with all that cutting. Saws, cable saws, and other powered cutting tools can be used, but I have found the handheld ratcheting cutters pretty efficient for the price and the use I get from them.

It's ok to take a break from cosplay!

There are always things we love to do, and I know a lot of us live for cosplay and the creation aspect of making all the things.  I just want you to know, that yes, it's ok to take a break! Take care of your priorities!

Allen Walker cosplay with custom sclera lens by 9mm SFX and gray lens
Allen Walker cosplay with custom sclera lens by 9mm SFX
and gray lens

So you’re interested in contact lenses for your cosplay?

As cosplayers, we like to add those little touches to our ensemble to bring us one step closer to bringing our characters to life. One of those little touches is getting contact lenses to change our eye color, make a bigger pop of color, and/or enlarge the eyes. So what do you need to do? Some cosplayers already have contact lenses and wear glasses to correct their vision, so they have had these experiences prior. This article is aimed more toward those who do not wear corrective eyewear and who want contacts for cosmetic reasons.  

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